We’re doing it again

So, here we are, three and a half weeks away from H2Oi.

And for those who follow the happenings around the H2Oi name, you probably know by now that the organizers made the decision to move the actual show to Atlantic City, NJ for the “20th anniversary of H2Oi,” which would have been the 21st, had the ball not been dropped last year. But that’s neither here nor there at this point…

Seemingly, 90% of last year’s attendees of the cancelled show are going back to Ocean City, MD, and that 90% includes us.

This time last year, we had said that it would be awesome to try and make it from central CT to OCMD in one day on our basically-stock Honda Ruckus mopeds for that one year. Well, it went so well that we’ve decided to do it again.

So here’s the sparknotes for those who care:

All 5 of us who did it last year will be doing it again, all on the same scooters. We will also be doing it on a similar time frame, leaving very early on Wednesday morning, with a plan to be getting down there shortly after dark on Wednesday night. And, like last year, we will not be riding them back home.

What’s changing, however, is going to be the route that we’re going to take. Though there technically wasn’t anything wrong with our route last year, we want to try and follow the NJ coastline down to Cape May, and take the ferry from the southern tip of NJ to Bethany Beach, DE. Our (extremely vague) preliminary research makes it appear that we won’t really be saving any time, or any substantial mileage, but it gives us the opportunity to take a different route for a change of scenery, if nothing else. And because the major suburbia mecca outside of Philadelphia was a disaster in the late afternoon hours, and no one wants to do that again.

We’re going to run a bunch of cameras like last year, to gather footage for an overview video like last year, except we’ve since learned what works and what doesn’t, and plan to improve on our technique for round two.

We also don’t have a friend with a truck willing to pull an empty trailer down this year, so we’re working through our options for a return ride for the five of us plus scooters. So far, it seems like renting a Uhaul box van might be our best option, but we’ll finalize that plan in the next week or two.

So for the time being, stay tuned…