CAD & Fab Glory, in a 1986 Supra

So let’s take a second to think back maybe 10-15 years ago, flipping through Sport Compact Car, or Modified Mag or something, seeing these over the top machines that had it all.  These were the days of custom interior work, intense trunk-ruining sound systems, NOS fogger systems, T4 turbos, and flashy engine bays.  At one point in time, we all strived for that.  As time went on, we realized that the vast majority of us were not going to build custom dashboards, or spend months gluing together some MDF board to make some 3 dimensional subwoofer holder thing, but instead we would probably focus on performance, and let the less important stuff fall by the wayside.

Thankfully, for people like me who love to indulge in a good build thread, there are people out there like Mike O’Brien who has somehow managed to conquer all aspects of Sport Compact Car glory, but to modern standards.

This is what has been deemed the “MK2” Supra, though some Toyota gurus would correct you in saying that’s wrong, but too bad.  This old Toyota is powered by a big-turbo 1UZ Lexus V8, with lots of fancy plumbing work, incredible custom interior bits, immaculate body and paint work, all sitting on top of one-off CAD-generated suspension components, all created by the mastermind himself.  The attention to detail is unmatched

Really, I’m not here for a write-up, so I’m just going to dump some pics and give you a link to enjoy this to its full potential.

The attention to detail goes as far as this…

Yes, that’s a cantilever welding cart.

I could sit here and praise this guy up and down, all day long, but you really need to sit down and spend a few hours quickly browsing through this 111 page build thread.  For what it’s worth, this literally took me about a full week of casual surfing during off-hours at the office.  It’s incredible.

Mike’s (Supersubs’s) Big Boy Build

And just when you think this build is finished, Mike throws out some teasers of the next project..  I promise, this is not the last we’ll see of this guy…

I really want to praise Mike for not only his craftsmanship, but for his decision to use Flickr instead of the cucks over at Photobucket who have single-handedly ruined the internet over the past year (see: P500), but I’ll get further into that at another time.




Expect some more dumps from my bookmarked, archived build-thread list.  This is just the tip of the iceberg..